2016 Porsche Interior Highlight: Porsche Macan

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The latest vehicle produced by Porsche is Porsche Macan. It occupies the first list of the most luxurious compact SUV. Compared to any 2016 Porsche interior designs, the interior of this car is not only luxurious but also provides comfort for the occupants. This SUV has handling sensation the same as it goes on sport car. However, after conducting several test drive on this car, the automobile reviewers come up with some negative feedback. The rear seat of Porsche Macan still can be improved, since the rear passengers often complain about the legroom and headroom. Moreover, the cargo space for this car is relatively small.

2016 Porsche Interior

porsche interior colors
porsche interior colors –

In order to compete with other 2016 Porsche interior design, the design of Porsche Macan uses only the best material. The front seat and rear seat are covered by first class leather upholstery. This material is not only gives luxurious impression, but also provides comfort and support for the occupants of this compact SUV. The front seat features power adjusted system. Therefore, the driver and the front passenger can find their comfortable position. Compared to the front seat, the legroom on the rear seat is cramped. However, the rear seat can accommodate up to three adults in it. In total, the seat on this car is design for five people.

Porsche Macan interior is built-in with various features. This 2016 Porsche interior incorporates touch screen display with voice activation system for the modern infotainment system. As the entertainment system, you can listen to your favorite radio channel from the radio built-in on the dashboard. Moreover, eight stereo speakers are available for those of you who want to play your favorite song. You can use Bluetooth and USB port to connect your smartphone with the audio system on this vehicle. Those advance features are provided to make the passengers feel comfortable when they have to drive for a long time.

Porsche Macan is one of the latest cars manufactured by Porsche. To satisfy the passengers’ demand of luxurious compact SUV with comfortable interior, this car has luxurious interior design with high-end materials. In addition, the infotainment system of this car is relatively easy to use. The sophisticated features on 2016 Porsche interior also make the occupants of this car feel satisfied. This car is available in two different trims called AWD 4dr Turbo and AWD 4dr S. The current price for this car is stretched of $52,600 to $73,900.

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