Every Side Is Fantastic In Peugeot 308 Interior

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Peugeot 308 crate enjoy family driving. Peugeot 308 interior is designed to make customer comfortable and enjoyable. As small family car, there are two line seats on cabin. People still get enough space for storage at backside. This car was introduced in middle 2007. Three month later, production and sales began. It might not be full size family car, but specification on exterior and interior are specifically developed to fill family needs. People can use it in city or suburban area. Manufacturer launched new facelift of this car in 2011. Second generation of 308 went to market in 2013. Furthermore, this car definitely will give another driving enjoyment in every road.

Peugeot 308 Interior

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peugeot suv –

Peugeot offers several models in 308. Standard variants are GT. Other models are GT LINE, Allure, Active, and Access. Every model of this car has the special Peugeot 308 interior design. General equipment of this car is leather steering wheel. It is stitched in red color. Dealer gives special offer to customization this car. Buyer can get some additional seats cover, which is provided in several colors. You can pick grey, black, white, blue, and red as your car color on interior and exterior side. These colors are available in some sales region. You should check firstly to get what you want.


In Peugeot 308 interior side, you will find high technology panels and applications. All of variant are completed with driving assistance. It helps driver when he or she go to unknown road. This system is integrated with navigation control. You will get information about direction and parking. When people drive in city, they usually have problem with parking censor. In this car, parking assistance helps driver to move his or her car into right position. To prevent go out of line, automatic braking will activate in right moment.


One of Peugeot specialty is SOS system. When you get lost in driving, red button on cabin will send emergency message. This feature comes in handy. Beside, emergency message, it can help driver to avoid unnecessary risk whilst driving like prevent crowded traffic or bad weather. Another interesting panel automatic lock door. Using this tool, you just push button and car will be locked. It is part of security system. You do not need to move key for locking door. On front dashboard, you will find interactive touchscreen display. This panel connects to internet directly. It provides a lot of exciting applications. You will see fuel consumption, speed indicator, rear view camera, gas station location, etc. With those modern features in Peugeot 308 interior, you need at least $20,000 to drive this car home.

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