Exquisite and Delicate Porsche 964 Interior

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Porsche 964 was super car manufactured by Porsche. This car has new part on exterior and interior. In Porsche 964 interior, there are several controls, which very sophisticated in that time. It was introduced in 1984. Since that time, more than 60,000 had been sold. People considered this car as the best super car. There are several models that use similar engine basis. In 1994, manufacturer announced to cease production. Even though, there are many cars for replacement. No one could match in comprehensive. If you want to know about this car, go to classic exhibition or collectible event. Recent product from Porsche use similar concept from this car.

Porsche 964 Interior

porsche carbon fiber interior
porsche carbon fiber interior –

When this car went on market, people eager to get know more about this car. Porsche 964 interior is main focus. With two doors on left and right side, cabin is very tight but practical. Two person can sit on it. Driver would be supported with latest technology. There are some indicators like engine, fuel, speed, and rpm censor. Porsche put new panel, which could manage climate temperature. It use special air conditioner on this car. When outside temperature is low, driver automatically push button to increase temperature level. This function goes same direction when outside weather is on high level.


This car was prominent with integrated bumper. On outside, this car looks elegant and stylish. Porsche iconic design can be seen on front and rear side. Circle shape headlamp creates exquisite appearance. Good car have to mutually good on exterior and interior. Porsche 964 interior matched what people think after see its design. Leather case is stitched on seats and steering wheel. Originally, manufacturer built this car as rear wheel drive. To support this mode, cabin is adjusted on every side. To make more comfortable, customers can pick four-speed automatic or five-speed manual.


The car has three models. Coupe, convertible, and targa are available in sales. Engine consists of several types. The lowest capacity is 3.3 liter. In 3.6 liter, manufacturer gives two subtypes. Turbo and turbo version are offered to fill customer needs. In turbo type, this car can reach 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. To match this high-level engine, several panels are integrated into interior side. New Porsche equipment is warning system. When car goes wrong on engine or suspension, driver would get warning sound. The system later explained on specific display. This system is belonged into Porsche 964 interior. If you want to buy this car, $100,000 might be enough to bring it home.

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