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Electric cars become popular on the recent years along with the increase of public awareness to reduce the use of fossil fuel. The producer always tries to develop a car that has the same performance like ordinary cars. 2016 Tesla interior and exterior is made even more sophisticated than ordinary cars. The Model X from Tesla may look like an ordinary car, but you will be surprised when seeing what it has inside. The Model X is the all-wheel drive SUV that can provide a proper seating for seven people. It has the same explosive power like other conventional SUVs powered by gasoline.

2016 Tesla Interior

tesla s interior images
tesla s interior images –

The cabin of Model X is created to give a comfortable situation to be driven anywhere. Its 90 kilowatt-hour battery will take you as far as 250 miles after a single charge. The battery can be charged using a 240-volt home level charger. It may need about eight hours to fill it. 2016 Tesla interior uses the concept of driver oriented controls and instruments. Most of the car’s features are displayed on a 17-inch touchscreen in the center stack. The driving experience even can be more comfortable due to the adjustable driver’s seat and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. It also supported by thin-shell seats to increase the comfort level.

The second row seats are also designed to be able to be adjusted independently. Each seat can be tilted forward and shifted to the side. It will make the passengers easier to get in and out. The pedestals in 2016 Tesla interior are thin and leave the amount of space under the seats that can be used to place laptops, purses, and small packages. It can also be used as a leg space for the passengers on the third row. The third row’s passengers may get trouble if they are taller than 72 inches. They may need to slouch a bit to avoid conflicts on their heads.

An electric car usually sold at a higher price than ordinary cars. Tesla Model X is sold at $ 133,200 for the P90D model. It is actually available in two trim levels that are 90D and P90D. They are distinguished from equipment packages and suspension tuning. 2016 Tesla interior can be ordered with the seating for six or seven. The six seating will give more elbow room because it eliminates the second row’s center seat. It also increases the cargo load and flexibility to accommodate long items.

tesla interior model s
tesla interior model s –
tesla electric car interior
tesla electric car interior –
tesla s interior images
tesla s interior images –
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interior tesla model s –
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tesla model s interior photos
tesla model s interior photos –
tesla model s interior pictures
tesla model s interior pictures –
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