The Magnificent Tesla Cars Interior

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As the best electric cars producer, Tesla always creates a powerful but efficient car models. They create the latest technology to enhance the Tesla cars interior and exterior. On the Tesla Model S interior, you will find the cabin that can be compared against the cabins in other high-class sedans. The company uses high quality materials accompanied with advanced technology features. The only thing that becomes a shortage is the sense of luxury. Many reviewers said that Model S does not give the luxury impression that given by its rivals. However, with the price of $ 69,900 to $ 105,000, you will get the best performance from a high-class electric car.

Tesla Cars Interior

tesla cars interior
tesla cars interior –

The Model S has five seats to accommodate its passengers. All of them are equipped with leatherette upholstery to make it comfortable. For the heated front seats, Tesla gives twelve different ways of adjustment and gives you the freedom to set your own driving position. The heated seats for the second row are also available for optional features along with leather upholstery. The Tesla cars interior even can accommodate more people by using the optional two rear-facing seats installed in the cargo area. Your Model S will be able to carry up to seven passengers. The cabin’s legroom is very comfortable for the both rows but some reviews said that the front seats do not give proper headroom especially for tall people.

The Model S standard features include a 17-inch touchscreen display, HD Radio, a seven-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, dual USB ports, and advanced navigation system. These features are also available in other Tesla cars interior. The use of the latest technology in this car can be seen from some features like lane departure warning, Wi-Fi capability, rear and front parking sensors, and an automatic dual-zone climate control. The Model S does not have a push button start or ignition key. It uses sensors on the driver’s seat connected to the proximity key. It allows the car to start and stop automatically based on the occupant in the seat.

These magnificent technologies installed in the Model S will bring us to get the feel of a future car. The company is already well-known in creating the future technology. The sophisticated Tesla cars interior will also available in other models like the Model X that are released by the company this year. You will get more options to feel the future technology.

tesla electric car interior
tesla electric car interior –
tesla cars interior
tesla cars interior –
tesla car interior
tesla car interior –

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