Nissan nv3500 Interior Featured with Great Space of Cabin and Nice Design

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Car is not only used for private matter, but you also can use it for business, like the commodities delivery or passenger transporting. If you want a vehicle for your business of even to bring your big family, Nissan nv3500 might be the answer. Moreover, Nissan nv3500 interior is designed with good features and equipment. Actually, there are many options for full size van that you can choose, but this car is well recommended, because it is so versatile, convenient and completed with modern tech and design. This car is really fit to transport cargo or people in varying amounts.

Nissan nv3500 Interior

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What people look for from the full size van must be the generous cabin space. This car is designed with for rows of seat. The elliptical hood is designed to push out the engine, so it gives extra legroom for the front seat. Then, the second and third rows are larger than the fourth row. Those seats are able to accommodate maximum 12 passengers. However, every section of the row is removable to provide space for more people or even to load the luggage. Moreover, if all rear seats are removed, you can use the car for cargo-carry purpose. Besides, Nissan nv3500 interior is also designed with functional features and design.


If the rear space can accommodate maximum passengers and cargo, you can find that design on the front side provide you more storages like in the center console. Moreover, there is a drawer under driver’s seat that can be used to store any small stuff. All the controls and gauges are designed in simple style, so you can use them easily. Nissan nv3500 interior is covered by hard plastic in a bit too much amounts. However, you still can find the small padding on center console and armrests.


Furthermore, Nissan nv3500 that is offered with the price start at 27,835 US Dollar comes with three options of trim models that are SL, SV and S. Each trim model is supported some different features. On SL model, there are leather materials for steering wheel and upholstery, front sensors for parking and many more. SV model comes with audio controls which are mounted on steering wheel, six speakers for sound system and the other features. Then, S model is supported with keyless entry, privacy glass and many more. Those features that are offered by Nissan nv3500 interior will give you not only great cabin capacity, but also comfortable space for both of driver and passengers, so you can enjoy the trip.

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