Review on Sporty and Elegant 2016 Lotus Interior

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The 2016 Lotus interior is focused on comprehensive improvement forms its predecessor. The interior of this model is elegantly designed with highlight on the functionality aspect. The most materials of the interior are lightweight and come from high quality material. The interior of the car is comparable to the impressive exterior design. To enhance the door, this car is using high-tech aluminum. The metal is bonded with external chassis to make it stronger. The entry and exit of the cockpit of this car is improved with this technology since the previous model. There is also significant improvement of the external chassis without affecting the torsional rigidness as well as bending rigidness of the chassis.

2016 Lotus Interior

lotus evora s interior
lotus evora s interior –

The cockpit of 2016 Lotus interior is using higher quality for the materials. All the material used is lighter, compared to standard material. There is also significant change on the inner panel of the door. It is made narrower than previous model. The front seats are only 3 kg. Despite the lightweight of the seats, they are capable of supporting front occupants of this sport car. Meanwhile, the weight for the rear seats are 3,4 kg. It also has 280 mm wider space compared to the front seat. As sport car, the room for each seat is not spacious. However, the driver and the passenger of this car can sit comfortably due to the design of the seat.

The manufacturer has improves the comfort and the ergonomic design of 2016 Lotus interior considerably. The new system of HVAC provides greater air ventilation. The steering wheel of this model is made of forged magnesium core to makes it lightweight. The interior dominant color is black with red strip as accent color. Meanwhile, the entertainment system used is standard. It uses six speakers for audio system. The interior shape of the car is designed to enhance the sound quality produced by those speakers.

Generally, car uses sturdy material to make the interior design of it stronger. However, in this car design, the interior structure is stronger but in the same time, those structures are lightweight. This car achieves that effect by using impressive technology when selecting the material for the interior design. This car has everything sporty car has started from the powerful engine to impressive interior design. The plus point it has compared to another sport car is the interior design. The 2016 Lotus interior design is not only elegant but also comfortable.

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