Small Convex Mirror for Car

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The development of car features is very fast these days. There are many new components that can be placed in the car to improve the comfort and safety. Placing the small convex mirror is one of the ways that is suggested in European rules. The rule is also applied in other continents like Australia and America. They are usually placed on the both side of the car. Convex mirror is better than a flat mirror because it gives a wider view. The object in the mirror appears smaller and it looks like the thing is compressed. This is very useful to minimize blind spots but you have to be careful because the original object distance is closer than the one in the mirror.

Small Convex Mirror

small convex mirrors
small convex mirrors –

When using this mirror for the first time, you may need to familiarize yourself, especially if you often use a flat mirror. This mirror usually has the size of 5 cm for the lens diameter and 46 gr for the weight. This product usually sold at a wide range of price based on the material quality. You can buy a small convex mirror at the price of less than a dollar for a pair. They are usually circular and surrounded by other materials such as plastic or rubber. The design of these items is made as sleek as possible to avoid disrupting the driver’s view.

You will never find this item in many color options because they are mostly sold in two colors which are black and silver. It is to adjust the side mirrors or rear view mirror frames that are usually in black. It is also suitable for any kind of vehicle. You can also find a small convex mirror that has a very thin frame to create a much clearer view. The installation is very easy because the product usually comes with stickers for easy installation.

The first thing you have to do before installing the mirror is cleaning your side or rearview mirrors. It is important because the mirror will not adhere perfectly if there is a dirt on the sticker. After the side or rearview mirrors clean, you can tear off the sticker behind the small convex mirror. Make sure you have got the right position for attaching the mirror. The position will affect the mirror’s range of vision. Usually, this small mirror is placed on the upper or lower outer corner of the rear view mirror.

small convex mirrors
small convex mirrors –
small convex mirror
small convex mirror –

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