Take Future to Present with Peugeot Onyx Interior

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The future car should be like Peugeot onyx. In 2012, this car gets extremely huge attention. Exterior and Peugeot onyx interior is definitely out of the box. Although this car is still on development, people can catch glimpse about the idea of future car. There are many concepts cars with similar design, but black color of this car seem undefeatable. This car might not be on road. You have to patient to get real onyx. Manufacturer use dual engine. 3.7 liter will produce more than 600 hp. It is added with electric motor, which can be substitute or replacement. The future car does not use fossil fuel. To make dramatic change, this car is built in copper metal.

 Peugeot Onyx Interior

peugeot suv
peugeot suv –

Let’s explore Peugeot onyx interior. It is coupe type car. There are two doors on right and left side. On the backside, you can find elegant door with space for storage. This car has two seats on cabin. You might thing that Peugeot onyx interior will look flashy or too much in modern style. This car put elegant and comfortable at first level. Seats are covered with high quality leather. On same time, every car wall and floor use special carpet. Because engine is turbocharged, people will find vibration and noise poof on interior side.


This car boosts more power than regular super car. To reach 100 km/h, it needs less than 4 seconds. With this capability, driver has to be in proper safety condition. All of seats are equipped with airbags. Driver can adjust seat position and make it his or her personalization. One of Peugeot onyx interior is driving control and assistance. Future car will use completely digital panel as control management. On this car, you just sit relaxed and let system guide you to right destination. However, automatically driving is not main specification. Driver need to handle steering wheel manually.


The nest panel is touch screen display. Front dashboard is integrated into futuristic compartment. You will get navigation system that synchronizes with internet connection. When people need quick access into particular apps, they just touch smoothly into display. Capacitive screen on this car is similar with high-end smartphone or tablet. On this display, driver can see speed and fuel consumption. This car gives suggestion about driving more. They might be normal, eco-friendly, sport, and extreme. Although this car is still concept, analyst estimates price of this car is more than $500,000. Peugeot onyx interior is included on car price.

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