Wide Rear View Mirror is Important for Vehicle’s Safety System

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You must know that every feature and device in a vehicle has function, even to support the safety for the driver. One of functional device in motor vehicle like the car is wide rear view mirror. Every vehicle must be completed by this kind of mirror. As you know that it is a mirror that is commonly installed on the upper center part of windscreen inside the car or mounted on each handlebar of the bicycle and motorcycle. This mirror is used to give the driver a clear vision to see the road or other vehicles behind. Therefore, it is one of important tools for the safety.

Wide Rear View Mirror

wide rear view mirror car
wide rear view mirror car –

However, do you know why the rear view mirror is important for a vehicle? It is not a doubt that, in fact, there is many accidents happened because of the less attention from the driver for the rear view. Some accidents like the small children that are hit by big car like SUV on the rear bumper and many more. Besides, wide rear view mirror can not only avoid the accidents of the pedestrians, but also keep your vehicle from the scratch on the car’s rear and also both sides. However, you should know how to use it in right way.


Before you start to drive your car on the road, you must make sure that the mirror is in the right position to enable you looking at the rear view clearly. Then, you have to pay attention the mirror, occasionally during the trip to ensure that your car and the others behind is in the safe distance. It is because if you are in the normal roads with vacant traffic, everything might happen, so you still can prevent it. Especially when in the market or other road with slow progression, wide rear view mirror will help you to know the condition behind and know when you should brake the car.


Moreover, because technology now has been developed, the car is not only supported by manual rear view mirror, but also the high-tech feature that can display a video from camera installed on the rear bumpers or the other car’s lower part. Even though this feature is more efficient because can let you see a clearer vision in further distance, wide rear view mirror is still the priority. However, it has been given some modern modifications with special features of automatic dimming to detect the dim and light of mirror.

broadway wide rear view mirror
broadway wide rear view mirror –
wide rear view mirror car
wide rear view mirror car –
rear view mirror wide angle
rear view mirror wide angle –
extra wide rear view mirror
extra wide rear view mirror –
wide view rear view mirror
wide view rear view mirror –

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